V31 Quick-Draw Holster

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The NEXTORCH V31 Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder is a tactical accessory that enhances the functionality and accessibility of your flashlight. Designed for rapid deployment, this holder is compatible with the TA30 / TA01 tactical flashlight and the FR-1 tactical flashlight ring, ensuring a perfect fit and quick access. Its creation was influenced by the real combat experience of NEXTORCH customer and seasoned veteran, Rosi, who contributed significantly to its design and testing.

Technical Specifications:
  • Compatibility: Specifically made for TA30 / TA01 tactical flashlight and FR-1 tactical flashlight ring
  • Design: Crafted for quick-draw access, enhancing speed and ease of use in tactical situations
  • Development: Conceptualized and tested by veteran Rosi, ensuring practicality and efficiency in real-world scenarios
  • Utility: Ideal for high-stress environments where quick response is critical
  • Construction: Durable design, maintaining NEXTORCH's high standards of quality and performance
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This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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The NEXTORCH V31 Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder is a tactical accessory meticulously crafted to meet the demands of high-pressure situations. The holder's main feature is its compatibility with the TA30 / TA01 tactical flashlight and the FR-1 tactical flashlight ring, ensuring a perfect match for these specific models. This unique design was born from the real-life combat experience of Rosi, a seasoned veteran and a customer of NEXTORCH. His involvement in the V31's development process underscores the practicality and effectiveness of the design.

Enhanced Tactical Efficiency: The V31 is designed for rapid deployment in critical situations. Its quick-draw capability allows for swift access to the flashlight, a crucial feature in tactical scenarios where response time can make a significant difference. This efficiency is paramount in combat environments, emergencies, and law enforcement operations.

User-Centric Design and Development: Rosi's contribution to the V31's design process is a testament to NEXTORCH's commitment to user-focused innovation. His insights and real-world experience have been instrumental in ensuring the holder is not just functional but also highly effective in actual combat situations.

Optimized for Speed and Accessibility: In high-stress environments, where every second counts, the V31's design prioritizes ease of access and speed. The holder allows for quick and hassle-free drawing of the flashlight, ensuring that users can respond promptly to any situation.

Durable and Practical Construction: NEXTORCH's dedication to quality is evident in the V31's construction. Built to withstand the rigors of tactical use, the holder is not only durable but also practical, aligning with the challenging demands of its users.

Real-World Application and Versatility: The V31 is more than just an accessory; it's a tactical tool designed for real-world application. Whether in law enforcement, military operations, or personal defense, this holder enhances the functionality and readiness of the flashlight, making it an indispensable part of tactical gear.

The NEXTORCH V31 Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder is a product that exemplifies tactical efficiency, user-focused design, and practical application. It's a direct response to the needs of tactical professionals, crafted with expertise and real-world experience to ensure reliability and performance in any situation.