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Founded in 2005, NEXTORCH is a global leading brand of high-end portable lighting products. We are devoted to providing professional mobile lighting solutions for law enforcement, hunting, and tactical, outdoor & everyday uses. With more than 142 patents and numerous awards, NEXTORCH has gained lots of recognition and built up a good reputation. Nowadays, NEXTORCH’s products have been sold to over 100 countries around the world.

  • Global leading brand of professional portable lighting products

    We provide experts with more professional mobile lighting products for tactical use, law enforcement, hardware, and outdoor use

  • PLATO member & leading tactical equipment manufacturer

    We are one of the founding members of PLATO, and leading R&D powerhouse & equipment manufacturers of flashlights

  • Integrating professionalism & user thinking into our products

    NEXTORCH learns by doing, we go through law enforcement officers’ training and organize courses in low-light tactics. We are guided by the pursuit of fulfilling real-world problems.

  • 142 patents and multiple international awards

    NEXTORCH has gained lots of recognization and built up a good reputation, and provided lighting products & solutions to over 100 countries

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