NEXTORCH, Professional's Edge

Saint Torch 30C
Ultra-Bright Search Light

Two-way fast charging and smart temperature control

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P86 1600lm Flashlight
with 120db Electronic Whistle

Security solution for sound & light in one

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Red-Blue Flashing Warning Bracelet

360 Degree Visibility

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TA20 Portable Tri-Setting
Tactical Flashlight

Powerful Beyond its Compact Size

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UT41 Multi-Function
Rechargeable Signal Light

Multi Light Source

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TA30C MAX 3000 Lumens One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

1300 Lumen

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TA30 One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

Reddot award winner

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I promise this is objective, but I truly do like this light. Certainly, there are brighter lights out there, lights with a better feel, more efficient drivers that give you runtime for days. But this light, the TA30 Max, just does everything it is supposed to and it does it oh so well. Very purpose based, but versatile enough to be used for a multitude of objectives. Solid and dependable build, great user interface and good light output are enough to earn this light a solid 5 stars. Now, it is time to put this thing to work and get it dirty!

Aug, 2022


The NEXTORCH TA30C Max is a tactical flashlight with “one-step strobe” as well as a rotary interface and USB-C charging (on cell).
What I like
Great build quality
Nice rotary control
Switch has a very perfect actuation
Indicating feature in the switch is well executed
What I don’t like
Price (seems a little high)
Doesn’t meet the output claim

Saturday, Mar 06, 2023

TA30 V2.0

TA30 Product Review from Romanian Law Enforcement Officer @leone.tactics.romania, with his own tactical ring, usage of the TA30 is more tactically friendly.

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022


Though the battery charges relatively slow, really appreciate multiple output level.

Thursday,March 18, 2021

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