16″ NEX Walker Concealable Baton

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The NEXTORCH 16" NEX Walker Concealable Baton N16-WAL merges strength with innovative technology. This baton, constructed from full steal or alloy steel and aerospace aluminum, is perfect for discreet self-defense. Featuring the NexLock mechanism, it locks firmly and can resist impact from a 2-meter fall. With smooth opening and closing action, it remains stable and reliable. The built-in nano-ceramic tip serves as an effective glass breaker, while the included clamp facilitates concealed carry and hands-free convenience.

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Materials: Steel or Alloy Steel & Aerospace Aluminum
  • Locking Mechanism: Self-developed NexLock, ensuring stability and 2-meter impact resistance
  • Design: Smooth and stable operation
  • Extra Feature: Nano-ceramic glass breaker tip for emergencies
  • Carry Option: Equipped with a clamp for concealed carry
  • Weight: Air - 200 grams; Steel - 380 grams
Baton Warnings

Batons are currently only availalbe for sale in the United States. For international inquiries or LEO use please reach out to us at

Please check your local laws for restrictions on the possession, purchase, or carry of batons. Local laws change frequently so we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with any applicable restrictions where they may live or travel. Below are a few of the baton restrictions we are aware of. Please note, this list is not comprehensive, and if you know of any additional local restrictions please let us know and we'd be happy to add them to the list.

Known State Policies

California: The only state with owning and carrying an expandable baton is illegal.

Massachusetts, New York, and Washington D.C. have laws making it illegal to carry, but legal to own for home use.

Tennessee: It is illegal to carry batons for self defense (TCA 39-17-1307). Allowance is given if the person carrying the baton has a valid certification card obtained through training.

Warnings & CA Prop65

This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Style: Air

The NEXTORCH 16" NEX Walker Concealable Baton N16-WAL embodies a balance of tactical efficiency and discreet portability. It's designed to be a constant companion for undercover operations, daily carry, or personal protection. The NexLock locking structure is a hallmark of this baton, providing a secure lock with 2-meter drop impact resistance, ensuring it remains dependable and stable even in the most strenuous situations.

Innovative Locking Structure for Enhanced Stability:

This baton’s innovative NexLock mechanism integrates smooth operation, firm locking, and a low wobble design, all while withstanding substantial impact. This feature solves common issues of accidental unlocking during drops, always remaining stable and reliable for users when it matters most.

Durable Materials and Design for Intensive Use:

Constructed with high-quality alloy steel and aerospace aluminum, the N16-WAL offers the perfect mix of durability and light-weight handling. It's built to endure the demands of high-intensity situations without burdening the user with excess weight, making it a smart choice for varied scenarios from professional to personal defense.

Discreet Functionality for Diverse Applications:

With its built-in nano-ceramic window-breaking tip, the baton stays low-profile but is effective enough to quickly break through barriers in emergencies. The added clamp enables hands-free carry and remains concealed, aligning with the needs of undercover guards or discreet everyday carry.

Whether utilized by security professionals, law enforcement, or for individual self-defense, the NEXTORCH 16" NEX Walker Concealable Baton N16-WAL is engineered for quick access, reliable performance, and ultimate convenience. It stands out as a sophisticated defense tool optimized for both men and women who prioritize safety and readiness in their daily lives.