Dr.K3 UV Wood’s Lamp UV Penlight

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The Dr. K3UV is engineered for healthcare and forensic professionals, providing a unique combination of yellow and UV light for specialized applications. This compact device features multiple modes, high color accuracy, and durable IPX7 waterproofing. It is particularly useful for tasks involving detailed examination and detection, ensuring reliability and precision with its lightweight and ergonomic design.

The Dr. K3UV offers a unique UV light feature not available in the Dr. K3 Pro, making it ideal for specialized applications like forensic examinations and sanitation inspections. While both models provide high color accuracy with a CRI of 90, the Dr. K3UV is slightly lighter and operates with AAA batteries for ease of maintenance, compared to the built-in lithium battery of the Dr. K3 Pro. This makes the Dr. K3UV more versatile for professionals who need a mix of standard and specialized lighting options.

Technical Specifications

  • Dual Light Sources: Yellow (3000K) and UV
  • Multiple Modes: Yellow (10 Lumens), UV (500mW)
  • High CRI: 90 (Yellow) for accurate color perception
  • Extended Runtime: Up to 15 hours
  • Waterproofing: IPX7 rated
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter
  • Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: 148 mm x 14.3 mm x 13.3 mm
  • Weight: 28g (without batteries)
Warnings & CA Prop65

This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Dual Lighting Functionality: The Dr. K3UV combines yellow and UV lighting in one device. The yellow light (3000K) provides excellent color fidelity, critical for medical examinations, while the UV light is essential for forensic analysis, sanitation inspection, or detecting bodily fluids and counterfeit items.

High Color Rendering: With a CRI of 90, the yellow light mode of the Dr. K3UV ensures that colors are depicted authentically, aiding professionals in accurate diagnostics and examinations.

Versatile Lighting Options: Equipped to handle a variety of situations, the Dr. K3UV offers a yellow light mode at 10 lumens for subtle detailing and a powerful UV mode with 500mW output for specialized applications.

Long-Lasting and Efficient: Designed for prolonged use, the flashlight can run up to 15 hours, supported by two AAA batteries, making it a dependable tool for long shifts or extended fieldwork.

Robust and User-Friendly: The device meets the IPX7 standard for water resistance, ensuring it can operate in wet conditions, and features a 1-meter impact resistance to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Compact and Lightweight: The Dr. K3UV is designed for portability and ease of use, measuring just 148 mm in length and weighing 28 grams without batteries. Its slim profile and light weight make it easy to carry in a pocket or clip onto a belt.

Optimized for Professional Use: With an easy-to-operate switch and a design that accommodates glove use, the Dr. K3UV is tailored for professionals who need quick and reliable light access in medical or forensic settings.

The Dr. K3UV stands out as an essential tool for professionals who require specialized lighting solutions, combining practicality with advanced technology to cater to unique professional needs.