P80 One-step Strobe Duty Flashlight
High-Performance Multiple Uses Duty use · Dual side switches, quick to realize one-step strobe and mode switch · Strike bezel embedded with high-hardness nano-ceramic beads, easy to break Glasses in emergency · Selectable useful accessories for wider uses, such as...
P8 High Output Compact Duty Flashlight
Compact & Light A powerful flashlight in your pocket, which is your EDC companion. Small Body, High Performance Producing 1300 lumens 240 meters 2 × Switches, 5 × Modes 1. One-step Strobe 2. Half-press for Momentary-on mode 3. Fully press...
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TA30 V2.0 One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight
One-step Strobe, Taking the Initiative Dual-function tactical tail-cap switch: 1.In any modes, lightly tap to enter momentary on, easy to operate 2.In any modes, fully press to enter tactical strobe for instant control 3.Release the hand to return to the original...
Saint Torch 31 20,000 lm Ultra-Bright Searchlight
Ultra-Bright 20,000 lm Output The Saint Torch 31 was designed specifically for Search & Rescue use, but is also ideally suited to any situation that requires long runtimes and exceptionally high-outputs. Super Battery Pack The Saint 31 battery pack consists...
Saint Torch 11 Searching Flashlight
3500 lumens High Output 600 meters Beam Distance Saint Torch performs 3,500 lumens max output; as well as, An optimized design reflection cup provides 600-meter beam distance. Temperature Control, Safe Protection Built-in temperature control system to automatically reduce output power...
Saint Torch 30 V2.0 Searching Torch
8000 lm max output Optimized light reflector, providing both a wide-angle light & a max beam distance up to 530 m Bright & wide, a great choice for search & rescue missions Stable & Reliable Performance With Double Thermal Protection...
T7 MAX 1100 meters ultra long range LED hunting flashlight
1100 meters long range Adopting high optical density along with 1200 lm to bright thousands of miles, T7 MAX extraordinarily enlarges your visual field. 4800mAh large capacity battery , up to 80 hours runtime 1x 21700 Li-ion battery included ,...
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L10 Max-1200M White LEP Flashlight
White LEP Light Source With 400lm light output and 360,000cd high beam intensity, L10 MAX brings super directional Lighting. L10 Max combines LEP-light’s features of high output, accuracy and straight, and the merit of LED spectrum. 1200m beam With the...
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T20L-2000m White Laser Tactical Flashlight
2000m focused long shot T20L features 2000m focused long shot. 20W White Laser Light Source Laser characteristics and LED spectrum are integrated to emit a 900-lumen high light. Precise Pointing and Positioning 2000m straight light beam of super directivity. Easy...
TA41 High Performance Tactical Flashlight
2600 lm | 272 m TA41 emits a 2600-lumen utral bright light, providing a 272 m long rage, strong and powerful, a great choice for search 21700 Battery Exceptional Run Time The high-capacity 4,800 mAh 21700 Li-ion battery that comes with...
T10L 1400m Long-shot 21700 White-light-Flashlight
1400 m Long Shot 1、Specifically designed for long-distance, focused-beam applications, like searching and directing fire 2、Laser Excited Phosphor (LEP) white-light emitter and precision lenses achieve a maximum 1400-meter beam distance 3、Switchable to five modes: Off, three brightness levels, and a...
TA15 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight (Multi-battery Compatibility)
Features NEXTORCH® TA15 V2.0 is a 700 lumen tactical flashlight with multiple battery solutions, specially designed for tactical and law enforcement users. Vari-source Technology Compatible with a wide range of batteries, including CR123A, AA, 14500, 16340 batteries Dual-function Tail Cap...
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TA01 Single-Mode Tactical Flashlight
Quiet and Intuitive Operation Maneuver yourself in high risk tactical environment Semi Press for Momentary on Rotate for Constant Light 500 Lumen High Light TA01 features neutral white LED with 500 lumen high light and contributes great dazzling effect, which...
TA5 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight
Window Breaker The steel strike bezel is embedded with 3 zirconium beads to breaking car windows in an emergency. 900 Lumens Max output of 900 lumens One-step strobe Mode Non-confusing, non-complex straight strobe push button; Light tap for momentary on,...
P10 Multi-Function Right Angle Duty Light
Three Modes Three modes to fit a variety of conditions. Solid White, Red & Blue flashing signal, and Red and Blue beacons. Right Angle Design Is Ideal For Hands Free Use The included stainless steel clip allows the P10 to...
P82 1,100m Long-range Flashlight
USB Type C Rechargeable A hidden and water/dust proof type-C charging port offers alternative solution. 2x Side Switches — Intuitive Design Dual switches, one-step strobe and Modes change button, increase maneuverability in law enforcement situation. HOD (High Optical Density) LED +...
P56 6-Led Forensic Light Sources Kit
Crime Scene Investigation P56 enables an exhaustive and effective investigation to be possible Use For Illuminating, clues searching and traces uncovering More functions… Assisting material evidence examining and forensics Professional Solutions Red, amber and yellow Forensic Glasses are including. One...
P81 Super Bright 21700 Duty Flashlight
3000 Lumens Daylight at Nighttime P81 can deliver a dazzling light up to 3,000 lm. Its performance is exceptional compared to flashlights with a similar size. 21700 High Capacity Li-ion Battery 4800 mAh Long Lasting Worry-Free Comes with 1 ×...
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P5UV Dual-Light Flashlight
Description NEXTORCH® has come out an answer to combine 2 lights into 1. The P5UV features NEXTORCH® proprietary Dual-Light technology, starring 800 lumen white light and 1000mW ultraviolet ray light. Central LED shifting in turn via 360° rotating offers perfect...
P5B Dual-Light Flashlight
DUAL-LIGHT USB Direct Charging Flashlight High Output , Single Reflector, Perfect Light Beam White & Blue Light Perfect beam profile with concentrated hotspot 800 lm white light and 80 lm blue light through the very same reflector. Patented Rotating Structure...
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P5R Dual-Light Flashlight
Features NEXTORCH® has come out an answer to combine 2 lights into 1. The P5R features NEXTORCH® proprietary Dual-Light technology, starring 800 lumen white light and 131 lumen red light. Central LED shifting in turn via 360° rotating offers perfect...
PA5 360° Focusing Adjustable USB Rechargeable Flashlight
660 Lumens Max output 660 lumens Patented Fresnel Lens NEXTORCH ® Fresnel Lens Smooth, Lightweight, Efficient 360° Rotating Switch Swivel adjustment, preventing accidental shift of focus Direct USB Charging Design Pull-up charge cap structure, stand up capable Patented DUO SWITCH...
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E52 Super Bright Multi-Purpose Rechargeable EDC Flashlight
2500 lm Super Performer This palm-sized super performer can provide 2,500 lumens of strike-force illumination, and throw to 185 m with a wide-angle. 5 Brightness Modes E52 has 5 brightness modes for many practical & daily scenarios. Tactical tail switch...
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C4 700 Lumens 18650 Flashlight
700 Lumen High Light With bright and uniform light spot, C4 can help you handle different dark environments with ease. One Switch For Multiple Lighting Needs C4 is set with two easy-to-operate High-Medium-Low modes, able to quickly switch into the...
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