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Review: NEXTORCH Saint 31 Flashlight

Review: NEXTORCH Saint 31 Flashlight

Shooting Illustrated recently reviewed the NEXTorch Saint 31 flashlight, praising its "blindingly bright" 20,000-lumen output and USB-C rechargeable battery. Designed for search and rescue, it also functions as a battery pack. The flashlight offers automatic light regulation, an 81-hour runtime on low power, an SOS function, and an IPX7 waterproof rating. It comes with a full accessory kit, including a bag, charging block, USB-C cable, shoulder strap, waterproof container, and the HM30 Multipurpose Handle. Perfect for outdoor professionals, it provides adjustable brightness settings for various needs.

Beyond its technical prowess, the NEXTorch Saint 31 is built with practicality in mind. Its robust construction ensures durability in the harshest conditions, making it a reliable companion for demanding outdoor activities. The inclusion of an SOS function underscores its utility in emergency situations, providing a critical lifeline when needed most. Additionally, the flashlight's ability to serve as a power bank adds to its versatility, ensuring your devices remain charged during extended operations.

For a detailed review, visit Shooting Illustrated. Explore more about the NEXTorch Saint 31 HERE.

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