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The P80 Light up after 14 Hours of Ore Slurry Immersion

The P80 Light up after 14 Hours of Ore Slurry Immersion

Emerging from 14 hours of unyielding trials, the NEXTORCH P80 flashlight stands as a testament to durability and performance. In its journey through ore slurry, braving the assault of broken minerals and the clutches of thick mire, the P80 turned out to have its lens beaded with water, despite the ravages of battery, still wielded its lighting and charging capabilities.

Meet the NEXTORCH P80: A One-Step Strobe Duty Flashlight
Its exceptional performance renders it the ideal companion for rugged ventures across diverse and unforgiving landscapes. Engineered with a 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum alloy shell and fortified with a rigorous oxidation process, the P80 radiates resilience against wear and corrosion. Boasting an IPX7 waterproof rating, the P80 tactical flashlight can endure submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes unscathed. Its concealed Type-C charging port enhances waterproof and dustproof features, setting it apart from competitors and ensuring enduring robustness in the face of extreme weather. The P80 tactical flashlight presents luminosity options, including 350lm (140m/4h30min), 25lm (35m/60h), 1300lm (280m/2h) and 1300lm strobe. This potent radiance ensures clarity in various dim settings—be it camping, hiking, night running, cycling, law enforcement, rescue missions, inspections, police duty, repairs, or hunting.

The NEXTORCH P80 flashlight is a true embodiment of reliability and brilliance, ready to illuminate your path in the darkest of circumstances.
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