T20L-2000m White Laser Tactical Flashlight
2000m focused long shot T20L features 2000m focused long shot. 20W White Laser Light Source Laser characteristics and LED spectrum are integrated to emit a 900-lumen high light. Precise Pointing and Positioning 2000m straight light beam of super directivity. Easy...
L10 Max-1200M White LEP Flashlight
White LEP Light Source With 400lm light output and 360,000cd high beam intensity, L10 MAX brings super directional Lighting. L10 Max combines LEP-light’s features of high output, accuracy and straight, and the merit of LED spectrum. 1200m beam With the...
T10L 1100m Long-shot 21700 White-light-Flashlight
White Laser Light Source Integrating laser characteristics and LED spectrum emit a 500-lumen high-light straight light beam of super strong directivity, T10L is able to realize the light suppression of the target point and gain the tactical edge. 1100 meters...
L10 1200m Long-shot White LEP Flashlight
White LEP Light Source New Lighting Experience With 400lm light output and 360000cd high beam intensity, L10 brings super directional light. It combines the LEP-light’s high output, accuracy and straight and the broad white light which is similar to LED...
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