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Fighting COVID-19: NEXTORCH in Action

Fighting COVID-19: NEXTORCH in Action

Fighting COVID-19: NEXTORCH in Action

This spring Festival, we didn’t seem to have as much joy as usual. Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) has become a familiar term across the country. The spread of the epidemic has aroused national concern, affecting each Chinese 's nerve.

As the Wuhan city was suffering a rise in COVID-19 cases, On January 23, 2020, Wuhan City Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Command Center issued the No. 1 public notice declaring that materials urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control included medical equipment, medical equipment, reagents, drugs, protective equipment, disinfection equipment, consumables, etc.

Across China the fight against COVID-19 had begun. 1.4 billion Chinese people are united as one and racing against time and combating the virus. If we can't be the health- care workers sharing the hardest parts of working at this difficult time, then what can we do to express our support individually?

As an enterprise sharing a common destiny with the country and the nation, NEXTORCH company has done all it can to mobilize resources to show its support for China in fighting COVID-19, donating its first batch of professional medical flashlight Dr. K3, to Hubei province, the outbreak epicenter on Jan 27. This donation has been used for supporting the frontline medical workers fighting against the novel coronavirus in affected areas.

As the Chinese people, we are duty-bound to win the hard-fought battle against the epidemic spread. Fight on china! Stay strong Wuhan!

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