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Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Disaster

Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Disaster

Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Disaster and Enterprise Disaster Relief:NEXTORCH in Action

A magnitude 7 earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province at 9:19 pm on 8 August 2017, local time. According to the local government’s report, up to 1:10 pm on 9 August 2017, the earthquake has caused 19 deaths and more than 247 injuries.

Apart from Sichuan Province, the tremor was felt across its neighboring province, Xinjiang. A 6.6-magnitude earthquake occurred Jinghe County, Bortala Prefecture in Xinjiang at 7:27 am on August 9. According to preliminary verification, as of 11:00 am this morning, the earthquake has caused 32 injuries in Jinghe County, two of them seriously injured.

These two earthquakes affect the hearts of countless people. Netizens began to forward all kinds of help messages and pray for Sichuan and Xinjiang. Almost everyone is doing their own meager efforts, and our hero soldiers once again on the front line of rescue. Let us salute them!

When one party is in trouble, all parties support. In addition to the courageous and respected soldiers, civilian rescue teams have also joined the first-line rescue.

Since the earthquake happened, NEXTORCH has paid close attention to the relevant situation in Sichuan and Xinjiang, always ready to provide assistance. This afternoon, it was still within the golden 72 hours of disaster relief, after getting in touch with the Blue Sky Rescue Team, a China's largest non-governmental humanitarian organization on the front line of disaster relief, NEXTORCH has learned that the relief work is in a tense and orderly way, and mobile lighting equipment, such as flashlights and headlights, continues to face unparalleled demands stemming from the earthquake urgently because of a power cut.

Therefore, NEXTORCH immediately responded to rescue needs and actively participated in disaster relief work to donate a large amount of relief items, including 640-meter long range search-type saint torches, easy-to-use AAA battery-powered flashlights, and headlights that can free rescuers' hands to the earthquake-stricken area.

At present, the mobile lighting materials have been sent to Sichuan through SF Express. We look forward to the early arrival of the flashlight to assist the rescue team in better search and rescue work, and bring more light and hope to the disaster area. NEXTORCH will continue to follow closely the relevant-earthquake situation and stand ready to provide more relief support at any time.

Natural disaster is ruthless whereas the world is filled with love. Let us pray for the Sichuan and Xinjiang earthquake-stricken areas. In the meantime, hope that people of all walks of life, whether more individuals or organizations, can quickly took action to join the disaster relief team, let us act together!

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