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In recent days, exciting news from 2016 Red Dot July announced that two products of NEXTORCH have received the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2016: the Rechargeable Focus Headlamp myStar and the Dual-Light P5G!!!

The Red Dot Design Award was started in 1955 by a well known German design association and has become one of the world's most watched design awards.  It is recognized as an international creative and design “seal of approval”. To win the award, a product’s appearance and composition get an authoritative "quality assurance", so this is the award that Apple, IBM, Porsche and other major international companies compete for each year.
The red dot award attracted a total of 5214 entries from 57 countries and regions around the world this year, fierce competition. And the fact that the rechargeable, adjustable focus headlight myStar, the dual-light P5G each received this honor means NEXTORCH is proven in industrial design capabilities, product innovation and the quality of product performance.
It is particularly worth mentioning that in the Chinese domestic mobile lighting industry, few in the field of industrial design have won international awards. The myStar is the first domestic product to have won the Red Dot Award for branded flashlights, which proves NEXTORCH has achieved a leading position for industrial design in domestic and international mobile lighting.

One of the innovative designs of MyStar is its patented focusing system.  By rotating the head, users can achieve a 360 degree circle focus to get a tight focus or a floodlight according to the different requirements of the environment. The maximum brightness is up to 510 lumens. MyStar uses the same lithium polymer batteries powered as a mobile phone, which not only reducing weight, at the same time also improving the safety and run time in use.

It is particularly worth mentioning that myStar headband design inspiration comes from an experienced women’s underwear designer. The myStar headlamp headband design both avoids the complication of the traditional three headband design, and also avoids the shortcomings of single strap headband which is unreliable.  This is accomplished with the tail of a "Y" shaped bifurcation, cleverly distributing head and tail weight, as far as possible dispersed to the head, simple and practical.

In addition, myStar’s USB charging design, resembles a mobile phone’s external mobile power supply, in that it can be used while recharging, to eliminate the worry of sudden power failure. The slow red flashing warning lights at the back act as a good security warning.

The biggest bright spot of P5G is its dual-light technology. Its single all ‘round reflector can achieve 780 lumens of white light, and 170 lumens green double light output. For hunting sectors, two different light sorces are essential, one white and one green, but using two flashlights increases weight and volume to be carried and invite switch trouble. Also, the cost is higher. The P5G perfectly solves these problems.

Multi-light source flashlights on the market are usually composed of many reflector plus LED lamps, which are relatively large and the flashlight is very heavy. Compared to them, P5G design is clever: the two full power LEDs are fixed on a sliding undersurface, and share the optical system. Rotation of the head allows easy switching between the light sources. This guarantees the light delivered and, also can greatly reduces the amount of space that the flashlight takes up in the bag.

Good products come from good designs.  This has been recognized by the top international industrial design competition with a Red Dot Design Award, NEXTORCH’s long-term adherence to technological innovation, product innovation, attentiveness to user experience, results in ingenious product details and quality cultivation of results!

From "made in China" to "a Chinese creation", as a national brand, NEXTORCH knows China and thinks on the international stage. This emergence is not easy and in the future NEXTORCH will continue its efforts, continue to produce better products to show the world the strength of Chinese design.

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