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Three of NEXTORCH’s new product models have received Germany’s ISPO award for Asian

Three of NEXTORCH’s new product models have received Germany’s ISPO award for Asian

2016 is set to be a very good year for NEXTORCH.  The year has barely started, but the good news has already begun.  In the middle of last month we were proud to learn that the myStar rechargeable, re-focusable headlamp had been awarded judge’s choice in the annual pan-China outdoors equipment competition.  In more recent days, execiting news from 2016 ISPO that three products of NEXTORCH and its subsidiary NexTool have awarded the ISPO Award for Asian products: NEXTORCH for its all round lighting tool UL360 pocket light and NexTool for its compact knife-fork-spoon Knisfor outdoors eating implement and the keyring attachable multi-function package-opener TaoTool. The awards were given on the basis of innovative design, user friendliness, and superior quality. These have been acclaimed Asian Product of the Year by a world quality team of professional judges.

The ISPO award is given among the world’s most influential sports activities products.  The award is issued by Germany’s ISPO, which constitutes the industry’s only acknowledged international sports products association for competitive evaluation. The association helps consumers recognize which products’ technology, design and functions will have the greatest impact in the coming year. For the past ten years, the ISPO award has come to be a well recognized, mature and useful measured authority. The judges are top experts in various aspects of the international sports industry, and base their judgments on objective criteria. The pool of expertise upon which the judges’ choice of 2016 sports industry products to watch was as qualified as it could be.

This round of ISPO award giving has been eye opening. These are just the recognition NEXTORCH has been aiming at, demonstrating product innovation with innovative technology. These are just the qualities NEXTORCH has always striven for, so that our customers can experience for themselves the results of our “customers first” approach.  This is also another industry-wide appreciation and acknowledgment of our product quality.

This time NEXTORCH has received three product awards and all of them for 2016 products have not yet on the market.  We are especially happy to provide the details of those products as follows:

Winner of the 2016 Asian Products award, NEXTORCH’s 360 all round glow pocket light, the UL360

The UL360 is NEXTORCH’s new model 360° all round throw pocket light, only the size of your thumb and even with battery only weighing 63g.  It is easy to carry, won’t take up space in your bag, and has a light designed to brighten up 360° of the area around it.  The direction of the light can be adjusted as needed, to light up whatever it is you want to see.  It uses a white LED light, closer to natural light, made from high quality materials and delivering a soft light that won’t tire your eyes even with prolonged use.

Using a single AA battery for power, delivering light up to 70 lumens, bright enough to see clearly for 5 meters, this meets the lighting needs for limited area campsites.  The on switch is at the back and turns on with a twist.  Another twist navigates between the high and low lighting modes, enough to meet your different lighting needs.  The magnetic design and the S-biner connector that come with, in addition to the elastic strap, let you attach the light either magnetically, hooked or tied.  This too makes the UL360 a light that’s always there where you want it.

 2016 Asian Product of the Year, the award winning NexTool Knisfor knife, fork and spoon in one outdoors multi-function dining tool

This new invention of NexTool combines the traditional cutting knife, but this knife is designed with a fork and spoon altogether in one outdoors multi-functional dining implement.  It is made entirely of stainless steel, in a tightly integrated design that is light in weight but ingenious, for easier packing, and usability in a way that more closely meets the usual requirements for table cutlery.

The knife is sharp and reliable, just right for dealing with all you have on your plate.  It will also cut the other things you encounter on an outdoors adventure, whatever environment you might meet with out there.  The Knisfor is friendly to your pack, the choice for family picnics or travel.

NexTool’s winner of the 2016 Asian Products Award, the multi-function EDC Magic Package Opener TaoTool

TaoTool is an EDC tool for safely opening packages and more.  Opening courier packages is as easy as opening a zipper.  Its all stainless steel opening knife sickle blade meets with packing wrap, it is undaunted, ever-sharp and always up to the cut, whether it’s slicing or scraping.  Use it every day to safely open deliveries; it won’t harm the goods within; it is even up to saving your life, cutting cleanly through rope like a handy penknife, even if the twine is coated in scrape resistant Teflon. 

To keep it handy for everyday use, the TaoTool is made to fit your key ring, and is easy to handle and hold.  Keep it on the key ring all the time where it will be ready for EDC safety tool use.

We have just heard that yesterday in Munich at the 2016 ISPO Award Ceremony for announcing the gold prize and the Product of the Year Prize to be issued on February 24, 2016 at 1 p.m. on the third floor of the Beijing International Exhibition Centerat the viewing stage area.  Together we are looking forward to being at the event.  Also, from February 24 – 27, during the ISPO exhibition, we welcome everyone to come view and try our produts, including the UL360, the Knisfor and the TaoTool.

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