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New! C STAR Innovative Multifunction Light

New! C STAR Innovative Multifunction Light

Modern lights are not for lighting only. More and more innovations are coming up, making them more interesting and practical. Our NEX designers are also part of this innovative force, extending the definition of light with new NEXTORCH products.

C STAR Innovative Multifunction Light is the latest effort by us NEXTORCH. It brings you a new wearing experience for lights. It can be worn as a neck light, with light shining below the eyes. You can now move freely without worrying about dazzling others in nighttime gathering outdoors or read books with its wide, soft, and uniform light. C STAR can also work as a pressure-free headlamp with a 180° rotary light head. Made of engineering plastics, C STAR is durable and weighs only 64 g / 2.26 oz including its built-in 640 mAh li-ion battery. It’s truly comfortable to wear and easy to carry. 

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