New! NEX N14 Wal 2-Sections Expandable Baton!

Small & Powerful

N14 Wal is a 14″ 2-sections extendable baton, perfect for concealable carry. It’ s your go-anywhere baton.

Application Scenarios

Concealed carry
EDC tool
Car security
Self- defense

Patented NEX Lock Design

Our patented NEX Lock design gives you a 2-m impact resistance. The baton can still open & close smoothly after common accidental drops.
Patent number: ZL201821829971.7

Super-Hard Ceramic Strike Tip

The hardness of its super-hard ceramic strike tip ranks only second to diamond in hardness. Low-key and powerful, it’s your life-saving emergency window breaker.

A Beauty Outside and Warrior Inside

The handle part is made of aerospace aluminum alloy, while the strike shaft is made of enhanced alloy steel. It’s gorgeous, portable and powerful enough for demanding combat situations.

Anti-Slip & Anti-Drop

Hard anodic oxidation coating gives its surface a smooth and fine look. The raised tail cap is anti-drop, and the texture of the handle can enhance your grip experience.

Removable Clip

The provided removable clip allows you to carry the baton in many ways.

Tail Unlock Button

You can close the baton with a press on the big tail unlock button & a push against the end shaft. The baton is with anti-accidental unlock design. When the strike head is being pushed, pressing the unlock button won’t close the baton.

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