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Great News for Cat Lovers, Dr.K3 UV Wood’s Lamp Penlight is Out Now

Great News for Cat Lovers, Dr.K3 UV Wood’s Lamp Penlight is Out Now

For pet owners, petting your cat after work is probably your most enjoyable daily routine. Running your hand on a cat’s fur and skin is such a sweet & satisfying experience. It will simply fill you with pure joy. 

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However, cat ringworm, the most common cat skin disease, may come and trouble our beloved companion from time to time. When infected, cats will have excessive grooming & scratching, hair loss, and be uncomfortable and sad. We will also lose the joy of petting them. 

 Although cat ringworm will not threaten a cat’s life, it is hard to spot with only our eyes. If mistreated, the infection will not only worsen, the may also spread to other animals and even humans. Cat ringworm is such a headache for cat lovers. 

As the old saying goes: “Prevention is greater than cure”. This also applies to our fight with cat ringworm. We NEXTORCH understand this well, and so we present this new product for cat lovers and doctors: Dr.K3 UV Wood’s lamp penlight. With it, you can identify cat ringworm instantly. Check your cat regularly with our Dr.K3 UV and take precautions for him/her, to ensure his / her healthy growth.

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