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myStar Focusing Headlamp with Dual Power Resources is Newly Launched!!

myStar Focusing Headlamp with Dual Power Resources is Newly Launched!!

If you mention NEXTORCH headlamp, absolutely myStar is the most classic one that you can’t forget, with the excellent design of patented 360° focusing lighting technology, max 60° up-and-down lighting, Y-type partial pressure headband and one button for 4-mode switch. What a practical and ergonomic headlamp!  

 But of course, sometimes you may think it should be more convenient if it can also use the easy-to-get power source like Eco Star and Trek Star do, for some long-playing activities, rechargeable power maybe economical but not timely and insufficient. And this time we have launched a more practical headlamp integrated with the classic design of myStar and dual power sources, myStar R. It is compatible with the 3000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery and 3 * AA alkaline batteries to respectively emit max 760 and 600 lumens, double protection to ensure long endurance for worry-free use. And the AA battery version, which is named myStar R AA, can also be provided separately, equipped with a detachable battery compartment and 3 * AA batteries.

Nowadays, although we’d better stay home for our safety and healthy, we believe that the day we can go out free for the wonderful scenes will be soon.And no matter how harsh the situations are, NEXTORCH myStar Series is always with you and lighting up your journey. 

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