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CSR Initiative: Nextorch Charity Visit to Orphanage in Yangdong County

CSR Initiative: Nextorch Charity Visit to Orphanage in Yangdong County

CSR Initiative: NEXTORCH Charity Visit to Orphanage in Yangdong County

At NEXTORCH, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way by which we fill our roles and responsibilities within our community. Together, we can contribute positively to our society and build sustainable communities over time.

On August 23th, 2012, NEXTORCH organized a visit to Yangdong Orphanage, known as the Yangdong County Social Welfare Institute which is 241 kilometers from Guangzhou in southwest Guangdong Province. Staffs were given a guided tour showing the environment of the place, had the chance to spend time with the children over refreshments, hosted some entertainment programs for the children and presented them with small gifts as well. What’s more, essential items and an amount of donation that were also made together were of assistance in providing some measure of comfort and improvement to the welfare of the children.

Orphanages are an important part of our society that ensure that children without known parents are cared for. The main reason of this event was to show children that there were many people who cared about their lives and growth. Besides, this visit allowed us an opportunity to have an up-close understanding about the children’s needs. The time spent together was uplifting. At the end of this visit, both children and management of the orphanages expressed their gratitude to NEXTORCH for its support. We are happy to see the smiles on the faces of the children as well as hope that people from all walks of life will be part of the donations on a voluntarily basis. The more donations received, then a higher amount of children are able to receive the basics for a hopeful future.

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