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NEXTORCH's fall 2022 launch product event

NEXTORCH's fall 2022 launch product event

On September 1- September 3, 2022, NEXTORCH company officially unveiled the much-awaited 6 new products, destined to upgrade equipment.

At an exclusive launch event, Mr. Huang, the product manager of NEXTORCH, introduced 6 improved new products to all the media, guests, and fans. Entering the market with their new equipment products designed for the law enforcement as their reputation in the tactical and law enforcement arena is competitive. Apart from TA30C and E51C, new products also contain Nex portable baton with EPU leather handle, P20 shield light, TEX10 versatile tactical belt, along with the TEX20 versatile military tactical backpack.

NEXTORCH’s passion for pushing boundaries of innovation with proven expertise in flashlight always satisfy customers who demand the ultimate in quality, innovation and performance.

Now, the tactical flashlight-TA30C and EDC flashlight- E51C are available, resulting in a stunning metal tail switch, more throw and many more to deliver a better-performance lighting experience. As upgraded versions of their predecessor-TA30 and E51, they continue

NEXTORCH's legacy of premium flashlight that have set a new benchmark in portable lighting for durability and performance.

The event was attended by over 58 staffs and guests. After everyone arrived at the site of the new product release conference in Yangjiang, China on September 3, cheerful and interesting team building activities for fun along with food and drink in abundance were provided. Soft low cloud moving in background with a gentle breeze. We all had a great time.


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