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NEXTORCH Brightens the show at ISPO Beijing 2015, and the curtain closed on a very fine

NEXTORCH Brightens the show at ISPO Beijing 2015, and the curtain closed on a very fine

On the afternoon of January 31st, the curtain came down on the eleventh ISPO 2015 Beijing Asian Active Living Products and Fashion Exhibition, which took place at the Beijing International Convention Center.  NEXTORCH left its mark, having earned that mark with all due energy.

NEXTORCH made the most of this exhibition, a multitude of activities, and warmth of service to brighten the venue yet again.

1. Innovative Design, Improved Location

NEXTORCH boothelegantly exceeded our usual clean and simple wide-open style, this time, creating a pleasant outdoors adventure theme, depicting a semi-developed style for outdoors activities design, a style refreshing to eye and ear. 

We may mention, NEXTORCH has carefully designed a “ten years of NEXTORCH” display area for our classic products.  The classic product lines constituted a bright array, displaying the impressive story of NEXTORCH’s first exciting decade. Those ten years seem like a single day of careful work, creating one clever innovation after another.

2.  attention-grabbing activities and alternating performances

During the four days of the exhibition, the NEXTORCH venue was regularly exploding with lively visitors, drawn repeatedly to the zenith which was the three marketing activities and they were beyond lively.  The shouts of the spectators spread the excitement, and brought it to a heightened boil.

First High Point

On January 28, the ten year anniversary of NEXTORCH’s establishment, to thank our friends, customersand employees for their ten years with us through thick and thin, NEXTORCH put on a review of the past ten years.

First, CEO Robin Liang talked about NEXTORCH’s first ten years’ achievements.  It was a good story, not too long and not too short; but it showed how with the support of so many people NEXTORCH produced result after result.  The way our CEO told it, nobody present could fail to be moved. 

Next, CEO Robin Liang presented awards  to sales agents, to thank them for their ongoing loyalty and support.

After that we had planned to present awards to long term friends of NEXTORCH flashlights, but because three of those long term friends of NEXTORCH flashlights were unable to appear because they were at work, we had to use VCR recordings of the delivery of the awards and words of greetings and thanks. On site, another friend of NEXTORCH flashlights known as @SC Yu Qianyu shared his story about NEXTORCH flashlights in which he used NEXTORCH flashlights several times to apprehend criminals successfully.  NEXTORCH again salutes the front line police protectors of the people of China.

After this, CEO Robin Liang gave out awards to long term factory employees of NEXTORCH, thanking them for their contributions over those ten years that had passed as though only a day.

After that, the ten years’ anniversary cake was shared by all and the event came to a close.

High Point Number Two

On January 29, NEXTORCH put on a promotion of our cooperation with Nite Ize.  This event was supported by Outdoors Manager Mr. Cai Ming, and Nite Ize World-wide Marketing Manager Peter Voigtsberger, two master marketers of outdoors innovations. The marketing techniques they shared enlightened and amazed those present.

High Point Number Three

On January 30, (SIZE Outdoors Style) editor-in-chief (called @Jiangnan Yiling) shared stories from his 50 day driving trip around North America, through nine states,  and 15 country parks.  He walked four of the classic trekking trails, lived in a traveling camper, camping in virgin forests, trekked along glaciers. The beauty of open spaces, the lure of travel stories, all earned the repeated applause of onlookers.

The eleventh ISPO Beijing 2015 Asian Active Living Products and Fashion Exhibit came to a close and we are grateful for all the customers, media representatives and onlookers, as well as old friends who participated, thereby demonstrating their support and attention to NEXTORCH.  Good bye!  Until the next exhibition!

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