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How to Calibrate the Laser on Your NEXTORCH WL21, WL22, WL23, and WL30 Pistol Weapon Light

How to Calibrate the Laser on Your NEXTORCH WL21, WL22, WL23, and WL30 Pistol Weapon Light

Accurate laser targeting is crucial for anyone utilizing a weapon mounted laser. Ensuring that the laser on your pistol mounted weapon light is properly calibrated can be the difference between a hit and a miss. This guide will walk you through the steps to calibrate the laser on your WL21, WL22, and WL23 weapon lights, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your iron sights.

Tools Needed:

  • Included Allen wrench (or a 2mm Allen wrench if the original is lost)

Steps to Calibrate Your Laser:

  1. Secure Your Pistol:
    • Ensure your pistol is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.
    • Use a stable platform, such as a shooting rest, to keep the pistol steady during calibration.
  2. Identify the Adjustment Screws:
    • Locate the two screws on the side/bottom of the weapon light. One screw adjusts the laser up and down (vertical adjustment), and the other adjusts it left and right (horizontal adjustment).
  3. Set Up Your Target:
    • Place a target at a distance where you typically shoot. Common distances range from 7 to 25 yards, depending on what you consider to be your most likely engagement distance.
  4. Initial Alignment:
    • Using your iron sights, aim at the center of the target.
    • Turn on the laser and note where the laser dot appears in relation to your point of aim.
  5. Adjust the Laser:
    • Use the included Allen wrench (or a 2mm Allen wrench) to make small adjustments to the screws.
    • Vertical Adjustment: Turn the screw on the side of the light to move the laser dot up or down.
    • Horizontal Adjustment: Turn the screw on the other side to move the laser dot left or right.
    • Make gradual adjustments, checking the alignment after each turn.
  6. Fine-Tune the Calibration:
    • Fire a few rounds to check the point of impact.
    • Continue adjusting the laser until it aligns precisely with the point of impact of your iron sights.

Calibration Frequency:

  • Rule of Thumb: Calibration of the laser should be checked every 3,000 rounds. Regular use and handling can affect the alignment, so periodic calibration ensures accuracy.

Additional Tips:

  • Environmental Conditions: Be aware of lighting conditions when calibrating your laser. Bright sunlight can make the laser dot harder to see, whereas low-light conditions can enhance visibility.
  • Battery Check: Ensure the battery powering your laser is fully charged or fresh. A weak battery can affect the laser's brightness and consistency.
  • Consistency: Always use the same type of ammunition for calibration. Different ammunition can have varying points of impact.
  • Use a Rest: A shooting rest or bench rest helps maintain stability, ensuring more precise adjustments.

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Interested in learning more about some of the other prevailing theories and techniques that go into the use and zeroing of a weapon mounted laser? Check out this article by our Shooting Illustrated for a deeper dive into laser usage.

By following these steps and tips, you can ensure that the laser on your pistol weapon light is accurately calibrated, providing you with reliable targeting assistance when you need it most. Regular maintenance and calibration are key to maintaining peak performance and readiness in any situation. If you find that your laser is unable to calibrate, please take advantage of our lifetime warranty. We are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards and are here to support you with any issues you encounter.


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