V70 Dual-Purpose Holster
Quickly Strike At Anytime •Stable locking, avoiding accidental dropping down in fierce actions. •Quick expanding in emergency for gaining the initiative. •V70 is your ideal choice for the easy carry of batons. 360°Rotation 16 Fixed Angles Its clamp supports 360...
TB1 Detachable TONFA Side Handle
TB1 is an expandable accessories for baton, can turn baton into TONFA, diversifying the way of attacks and defenses. Installed And Disassembled Quickly Without Any Tools.
V71 Nylon Baton Holster
Features Designed for the close carry of 17" / 21" / 23" baton by applying MOLLE mount, V71 Nylon Baton Holster can be mounted on the tactical waistcoat, backpack, waist belt or other equipments with MOLLE webbings conveniently and stably....
Sold Out
V67 Duty Baton Holster
2 Ways To Carry Upright or Tilted You can position the holster in a way that works with your drawing habit. Ready to Strike V67 is specially designed for NEX Quicker series batons or batons with a similar diameter. It...
V68 Leather Baton Holder
Quick Extension To Get the Initiative Specially designed for the close-fitting and stable carry of NEX portable baton series, able to help extend the baton quickly for the first strike in emergency. Two Wearing Upright or Tilted Hidden Carry &...
TEX10 Multifunctional Tactical Belt
Loading Belt For Portable Gear Full-Featured & Convenient Features the combination of inner belt + outer gear belt + metal buckle (self-designed) to realize quick attachment and removal for maximum comfort and stability. Multi – Application Quick Attachment & Removal...
HG1 Detachable Baton Crossguard
HG1 is a removable baton crossguard for NEX Quicker series baton and batons with a diameter of 26-27 mm. You can install it on your baton without additional tools. Its 360°rotary base allows you to change from split mode to...
V69 Nylon Baton Holster
Features •Made of high-quality 1000D Dupont nylon fabric, for high wear resistance and tear resistance. •Designed for the close carry of 16” / 18” / 20” baton by applying MOLLE mount. •Able to be mounted on the tactical waistcoat, backpack,...
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