NEXTORCH Sympathy to the Victims of Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

On February 6, 2023, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake and a series of strong tremors and aftershocks devastated southeast Turkey (officially the Republic of Türkiye) and northwest Syria. The death toll has passed 41,000 and continues to rise.

After working desperately for nearly two weeks to locate additional survivors, search and rescue teams from around the world are largely shifting to recovery efforts. International aid has poured into Turkey and parts of Syria following the earthquakes that destroyed thousands of buildings, tearing apart families and communities across 19,300 square miles of land.

NEXTORCH UT10 and NEXTORCH UT11 have been selected by the aid groups to play a role in the search and rescue during this disaster. Matched with multiple optional accessories to be worn on the head or on a helmet, UT10, and UT11 provide hands-free lighting and help rescuers race against time to find more earthquake survivors facing long hours in the dark of night.

NEXTORCH felt deeply saddened by the huge loss of lives, injuries, and massive destruction, and may the injured recover soon.

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