NEXTORCH’s 2023 Spring Product Launch Event Scheduled for March 28

NEXTORCH has unveiled their latest tactical flashlight, the TA20, and the multi-function signal light, the UT41, which were on show at the NEXTORCH 2023 Spring Product Launch event in Yangjiang on March 28.

The NEXTORCH TA20 features 1000 lumens on high with a 210m beam distance, tri-mode operation (lock, tactical, and duty) via rotating the head and a nano-ceramic bead glass breaker. Its small size and big performance fit perfectly in security and law enforcement personnel’s hand as self-defense gear!

NEXTORCH’s product manager has leaked that the NEXTORCH UT41 multi-function rechargeable signal light will be equipped with six LED light sources, 13 operational modes, and a built-in rechargeable battery. This signal light is the epitome of versatility. Its included hardware allows you to mount it on helmets, MOLLE webbing, and other surfaces, making it the perfect choice for patrol duty, search & rescue missions, and outdoor activities.

In addition to the over 60 staff who attended this event, the local media, Yangjiang Radio & TV team also came on the scene and arranged a special interview for NEXTORCH’s president, Mr. Liang Bing who introduced these two new arrivals and their significant advantages, and shared original product idea to market as well as NEXTORCH’s sales growth plan. After the in-depth communication, the media guests had a deeper understanding of NEXTORCH's corporate culture, business philosophy, product system, and outdoor activities, and gave unanimous approval and praise.

After the product presentation, we had an amazing team-building game in which needed to communicate with each other. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we also learned some valuable lessons about the importance of clear communication and teamwork. It was a great opportunity to form bonds of camaraderie and friendship in the workplace.

At NEXTORCH, we are dedicated to taking lighting products to the next level of success. With the TA20 and UT41, we are confident that we have done just that. Join us in celebrating these exciting new additions to our product line and let's illuminate the world together. Cheers!

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