New! V51 Tactical Quicker Draw Flashlight Holder & V61 Compatible Qucker Draw Flashlight Holder

In the world of tactics, speed is everything. During an emergency, getting your tool in position fast may mean life & death of others and even your own. NEXTORCH V51 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder and V61 Compatible Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder are here to help you with just that. 

V51 is an upgrade from the classic V5, and allows you to draw your flashlight quicker. Outside of emergencies, its 360° swivel flashlight holder and hold your flashlight for you with 16 locking angles. You can even detach the V51’s flashlight holder from its belt clamp.  

V61 is an upgrade from V6. V61 works with a wide range of flashlights. You can quickly insert or draw a flashlight into or from V61 at both ends. Its flashlight holder part is also 360° rotational with 16 locking angles, to meet your lighting need from various scenario.

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