Dr.K3 UV Wood’s Lamp UV Penlight

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Wood’s Lamp Intro

Wood’s lamp, also known as blacklight & ultraviolet light (UV light), is a kind of ultraviolet lamp that works at a special wavelength. Some microorganisms and natural chemicals will show specific colors under its light. With this, Wood's lamp is widely used in humans and animals inspection. According to the different excited colors, we can quickly detect some infections.

365 nm UV Light Optimal Detection

365 nm UV light is best suited for detections applications. Normally, it is hardly visible. Certain microorganisms and chemicals will show specific colors when shined by it, due to easy-to-tell fluorescence effect.

Fine Wood’s Glass

Purer UV Light, More Accurate Results

The Wood’s Glass inside the penlight can effectively filter stray light and produce a fine UV light. This can bring more accurate results for you.

Cat Ringworm Detection

Detect Fungal Diseases in Pets

Check your pets with our penlight regularly, and tell if their skins are infected with fungi by easy-to-tell fluorescence effect. With it, you can ensure on-time treatment, and a more healthy life for your beloved pets.

Detect Pets’ Feces Easily. Clean it Up & Improve Sanitation

You can tell the infection if any easily. Clean your cat to avoid further infection.

Skin Abnormality Detection

Know Your Health Instantly

Wood’s lamp, a microscopeFrequently Used in Vitiligo Diagnosis for your skin, is widely used in detections of skin pigmentation disorders & many bacteria, to help diagnose skin conditions. Different from unaffected skin, vitiligo patients’ depigmented skin gives a bluish white glow under Wood’s lamp.

Common Bacteria Glow Color under Wood’s lamp

Wood’s lamp has long been used widely in skin conditions diagnosis. Typically, Wood’s lamp is shined in a dark room, to observe the glow color of the subject. For example, Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum canis and Trichosanthes gypsum use tryptophan from hair to grow. When shined by Wood’s lamp, their metabolites glows in bright green.

FWAs Detection

Reveal Harmful FWAs around You

FWAs (Fluorescent Whitening Agents), also known as Optical Brightener & OBA etc., is a type of harmful substance that could be found in baby & skincare products and tissues etc. Our penlight can help you detect & avoid them for a healthier life style.

Counterfeit Detection

Real Authenticity Instantly

UV light is widely used in counterfeit detection, such as counterfeit money & cigarette, fraudulent IDs, fake credit cards etc. You can authenticate instantly with our penlight to get rid of fake products.

UV Light Detection

Inspect & improve your sanitation

Under Wood’s light, the molds, mites & some stains will glow and reveal themselves. Our penlight can help you inspect the sanitation of your home and hotel room with ease, and give you a peace of mind. You can know the cleanliness of toilet, washbasin, floor, sofa & bed in your home or hotel at the speed of light.

Exquisitely Small, Beautifully Capable

With a size of pen, this minimalistic & stylish penlight is easy to carry and takes little space for storage. You can carry it to work or as an EDC kit in a breeze.

AAA batteries Compatible

Use 2 AAA batteries for power.

Shipping & Returns

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Strike Bezel Embedded with Nano-ceramic Beads

Embedded with nano-ceramic beads in the head, unique and powerful; second only to diamonds in hardness, able to break tempered glasses easily; to satisfy various emergency needs and gain the initiative in self-defense, rescue and tactics.

Waterproof & Impact Resistant

IPX8 (2 m) submersible, 2 meter impact resistant; still stable even in harsh environments

Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQ covers a few of the questions we most often hear from our customers, if you have any questions we don't cover in this section feel free to shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

Our Tactical Flashlights are crafted from tough, durable, and lightweight aluminum; and are designed for professional use by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security officers. Different from a run-of-the-mill torch, the ergonomics, user interface, and construction have all been designed around professional use in tactical situations. This includes powerful high modes to illuminate the operating environment and disrupt the vision of a potential attacker, tail switches for ease of use in high-stress situations and in conjunction with firearms, a strobe mode that can be used to disorient an assailant, and a robust metal casing that is both waterproof and shockproof.

How to select a flashlight?

When choosing the right flashlight, consider your needs first. If you're gearing up for outdoor adventures, tactical use, or just need a reliable light source around the house, the flashlight's features should match your purpose. Prioritize high brightness levels and a far-reaching beam for visibility in all conditions. Durability is key, so look for models made with tough materials like aircraft-grade aluminum. Opt for flashlights with extended battery life and compatibility with various battery types to ensure consistent performance. It's also essential to choose a model that's both water and impact-resistant. Remember, a lighter and more compact design makes for easier handling and portability. Features like multiple lighting modes, including strobe and SOS, can provide added functionality for emergencies.

How is my light powered?

Our lights are engineered for exceptional versatility and efficiency with many items featuring dual-fuel capability that allows them to operate with various battery types. This adaptability ensures you're never left in the dark, whether you're using readily available standard alkaline batteries or opting for the included rechargeable lithium batteries for their longevity and robust performance. This design ethos reflects our commitment to providing you with a dependable light source that adjusts to your needs without compromise.

How to maintain my light?

1)Wipe the flashlight off after use with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt or contaminants.
2)If the flashlight is contaminated with seawater or corrosive liquid, please wash it with clean water and blow it dry with a hair dryer.
3)To prevent battery drain and possible corrosion during long-term storage remove the battery and store in a cool, dry place.
4)Never use old and new batteries together, mix different brands of batteries, or mix Lithium and Alkaline batteries. Mixing of cells can result in dangerous battery leakage, damage, and sub-optimal device performance.
5)Do not put a working flashlight face down, this can burn the bulb or even start a fire.
6)If the tail cap sticks or doesn't rotate smoothly, apply a thin layer of silicone grease to the "O" ring.
7)Since lithium batteries self-discharge, it is recommended that they be recharged every 3 months even if you do not use your flashlight often.