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15″ NEX Flashlight Baton (Walker) N15L Wal
Next-Gen Defense Tool This combination of NEXTORCH flashlight & NEX Lock baton gives you a new category of self-defense tool. Light & Strike with NEX Flashlight Baton. Multi-Functional Self-Defense Companion Light In Weight Your Brilliant Companion NEX 15″ flashlight baton...
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18″ NEX Flashlight Baton (Walker) N18L Wal
POWERFUL COMBINATION Your New Self-defense Choice This new form is of outstanding and practical functions, able to act as a high-light illumination tool, vehicle self-defense tool, close-quarter defense tool and a glass breaker by integrating the NEX portable baton and...
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19″ NEX Flashlight Baton N19L Quic
Tactical Lighting Max 410 lm Combination of NEXTORCH flashlight & NEX Lock baton. N19L Quic’s max output is up to 410 lm, and max beam distance is up to 116 m. It shines a uniform light spot and has a...
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