Saint Torch 30 V2.0 Searching Torch
8000 lm max output Optimized light reflector, providing both a wide-angle light & a max beam distance up to 530 m Bright & wide, a great choice for search & rescue missions Stable & Reliable Performance With Double Thermal Protection...
Saint Torch 31 20,000 lm Ultra-Bright Search Light
20,000 lm Ultra Bright Saint Torch 31 is suitable for outdoor scientific researches, search & rescue missions, cave exploring, etc., where long-time, wide-range lighting is needed 6 x 4800 mAh Super Battery Pack The battery pack is made of 6...
Saint Torch 11 Searching Flashlight
3500 lumens High Output 600 meters Beam Distance Saint Torch performs 3,500 lumens max output; as well as, An optimized design reflection cup provides 600-meter beam distance. Temperature Control, Safe Protection Built-in temperature control system to automatically reduce output power...
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