T53 Multi-Light Hunting Set
360° Rotate Rotary knob to circle through different light sources. 3 Light SOURCES T53 applies the proprietary multi-light technology to emit the white, green and red light by rotating the dial plate on the side, max output up to 760...
TA41 Hunting Set
Professional Hunting SET 1. 21700 (4800 mAh) li-ion battery 2.TS41-L remote switch 3.Charge cable 4.RM85S scope mount 2600 lm | 272 m TA41 emits a 2600-lumen utral bright light, providing a 272 m long rage, strong and powerful, a great...
T5G V2.0 Dual-Light Hunting Set
Compact Size for Reducing Burdens One-piece reflection cup can realize dual-light output, powerful, convenient and practical. Dual Light with High-quality Lighting Effects Dual Light with High-quality Lighting Effects Applying patented Dual-light technology, one optical system can emit double light sources,...
T7 Long-Range Hunting Set
420 m Long Range To Target the Prey in Advance 1300 lumen high light and more outstanding beam distance among same-size flashlights for long-range search, convenient to help you discover the prey or risks quickly. 2-in-1 Charging Port for Easy...
T5 Long-Range Hunting Set
Compact Design for One-handed Operation Only 119 g light-weight design, more flexible for use on the gun. 760lm 400 meter Hunting Flishlight To Target the Prey in Advance More outstanding beam distance among similar flashlights to help you discover the...
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