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New! V31 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder. How fast is too fast?

New! V31 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder. How fast is too fast?

How fast is too fast?

In combat environment, emergency can happen anytime anywhere. Good training & gears can help use response quicker. Great gear can help us achieve speed that is simply not possible through training only. Only the right person with the right tool can get the job done. 

The concept of NEXTORCH TA30 comes from the real combat experience of law enforcement agents. Its unique One-Step-Strobe button ensures accurate light mode control in low light combat environment. Response quicker; strike first and get the situation under control. 
To help TA30 work with guns better, faster and more reliably, we have made FR-1. FR-1 & TA30 are a golden partner from NEXTORCH product family. We can work with and for each other well, to boost your combat capability. But is this the ultimate form for TA30? No. To make TA30 + FR-1 to work even faster for you in real combats, we can optimize on where & how they are stored.

For this, Rosi, a NEXTORCH customer from German, came up with a fantastic product idea. Rosi is a seasoned veteran. He has an unique & deep understanding for how to use tactical flashlight during combat.

By chance, Rosi has acquired NEXTORCH TA30 & FR-1. After trying out TA30 with FR-1, with his years of experience, he concluded that TA30 & FR-1 have changed they way people handle flashlight. They have enhanced the stability of flashlight for handgun, and can bring a huge advantage during low light combat environment for their users. 

In intense combat situation, any kind of delay may mean life & death. The storing & drawing of flashlight should be simple & quick. Hence, Rosi thinks TA30 + FR-1 need to find a way to achieve this.

Out of his love for TA30 & FR-1, Rosi worked with NEXTORCH, and designed a tactical quick-draw flashlight holder made specially for TA30 & FR-1, which is V31, to make them even more easy to carry, and quicker to response.

NEXTORCH insists on making its products with User Thinking as its guide, and real combat need as basis. Rosi has been involved in V31’s product idea, research, design, and prototype testing. V31 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder is truly another masterpiece guided by User Thinking. To thank Rosi, the designer of V31, there is his signature on every V31.


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