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New! P83 Multi-light Source Tactical Strobe-flashlight

New! P83 Multi-light Source Tactical Strobe-flashlight

Equipped with white, red and blue LEDs, the P83 is endowed with a versatile enforcement flashlight of a max output of 1300 lumens and a max throw of 140 meters. With three light sources integration, P83 is an innovative combination of tactical light and signal light to meet the needs of lighting and being seen in complex nighttime environments. P83 is a good choice with 2m impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof for emergency security needs for law-enforcement, group identification, location beacon and self-defense.

The integrated red and blue light source module visible around 360°can be allowed to activate white light illumination and red and blue light at the same time. Red&blue strobe, red light, red flash, blue light, blue flash, you can choose five modes on demand for emergency needs.

Independent switch design provides simple operation of mode-switching between one-step strobe, red&blue light and white light. Ultra-hard ceramic strike bezel can be a useful window breaker for rescue and self-defense. Battery indicators pairs with hidden Type-C charge port  shows the power usage at a glance and can be charged in time for convenient charging.

With these V10 and V51, you can use P83 flashlight more flexibly and preemptively. The TM20K is all weather applicable as 2m inpact resistance and IPX7 waterproof, which is effectively protected against the complex environment.

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