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New! iStar High Color Rendering Flip-switch Headlight

New! iStar High Color Rendering Flip-switch Headlight

Using multiple high-quality Sunlike LED light sources and a scientific optical design system, iStar has a uniform light spot and very high color rendering. The color rendering index reaches CRI>95, Rf 97& Rg 101, which is close to the real sun light so that you can better observe the world even at night. With the multi-light mode including red & white lights, spotlight and floodlight, iStar is a good choice for night maintenance, camping and night running.

Compared with ordinary LED headlights, iStar greatly reduces short-wave (harmful) blue light. It has been tested by authoritative institutions and has reached the RG0 international standard. When using the headlight for a long time, it can effectively protect the eyes of yourself and others.

Innovative flip-switch allows you to turn on the spotlight via operating the flip-cover without button-operation to bring the brand new lighting experience. Brightness varies positively with the angle of the flip-cover, it is convenient to adjust the brightness even with gloves.

Built-in lithium battery, Type-C direct charging, power display, comfortable headlight belt, etc. These designs make iStar better and more lasting to illuminate your life.

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