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Nextorch designs the best flashlights and other high-end portable lighting solutions.


We deliver what we promise and have done so since our inception in 2005. This means superior products and services to you, our valued customer.


Delivering you the ultimate in lighting solutions is our pride and passion.  Our customers, including law enforcement and media worldwide recognize and acknowledge our brand as the most reliable and innovative on the market.  The Nextorch range of flashlights is distributed in over 100 countries and we continue to expand.


Nextorch lights are used by law enforcement officers, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, explorers, industry professionals, do-it-yourselfers and, of course, families like yours and ours.


Simply but, Nextorch delivers the most advanced lighting technology, battery efficiency and reliability. Our products are innovative, compact, intelligent and handsome - in other words, Nextorch is the lighting solution that works.

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