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  • One Step Strobe
  • Tactical Strobe
  • Dual-Light
  • RFA/360° Rotate Focus
  • STT(Smart Torch Technology)
  • USB Charging Port
  • Vari-Source
  • Fuel Index
  • Quik Charge
  • S.O.S.
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T (Tactical) Series applies the most advanced technology, focusing on the design for tactical use. High brightness and reliability are the most outstanding features. In order to meet the growing demand of market, NEXTORCH specially design a full range of flashlight accessories for compatible use, perfectly showing our capability in designing and producing our tactical line of flashlight.

  • K3T
    * Rotate to achieve Tactical & Duty modes, versatile for various tasks; 
      Tighten to Tactical mode: Momentary On- High, Loosen to Duty mode: Low- Mid- Strobe;  
    * Pen size of 55g in weight, compact
  • • 1040 Lumens CREE® XM-L2 U2 LED
    • DUO SWITCH, for easy momentary activation 
    • USB rechargeable/ Powered by 2*CR123A/1*18650
  • • 1040 Lumens CREE® XM-L2 U2 LED
    • including Shotgun Mount Remote Pressure Switch
    • USB rechargeable
  • • 560 Lumens CREE XP-L V5 LED
    • universal battery compatibly
  • TA4
    • 460 Lumens CREE® XP-G2 R5 LED
    • Powered by 1*18650 /2*CR123A battery

P (Police) Series is designed for police, law enforcement, security, hunting, industrial and firefighters. This series features multi-functional and rechargeable purposes. The rechargeable function provides a long-lasting capacity in battery life. Regardless of when and where, P series enhances you to accomplish every glorious mission.

  • • High output 2 color lighting(white|Ultraviolet Ray)
    • 360°rotate shift for different light
    • USB direct charging
  • • High output 2 color lighting(White|Green)
    • 360°rotate shift for different light
    • USB direct charging
  • P5W
    • High output 2 color lighting(white|warm)
    • 360°rotate shift for different light
    • USB direct charging
  • P5R
    • High output 2 color lighting(white|Red)
    • 360°rotate shift for different light
    • USB direct charging
  • P5G
    • High output 2 color lighting(White|Green)
    • 360°rotate shift for different light
    • USB direct charging
  • PA5
    • 660-Lumen CREE® XP-L LED
    • 360°Rotating for easy single-hand use
    • USB direct charging
  • P60
    • USB Direct Charge, max 1000 Lumens
    • Multi-functional side switch
    • Selectable Window-breaking Tail Cap
  • • 320 Lumens CREE® XM-L (T6) LED
    • Powered by 3*AAA battery
  • • 660-Lumen CREE® XP-L LED
    • 360°Rotating & USB direct charging
    • a 3-color filter kit with a holder included
  • • 1000 lumens CREE® XM-L2 U2 LED
    • DUO SWITCH with click and tap function
    • USB Rechargeable,Powered by 4x18650 batteries
  • • 3200Lumens CREE® XHP 70 LED
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • • 2600 Lumens Three CREE® XM-L U2 LEDs
    • PC Programmable with Smart Torch Technology
    • USB Rechargeable Li-ion 10400mAh Battery Pack

GLO-TOOB™ makes the world’s toughest, brightest, smallest emergency marker light, able to deal with any harsh environment for being processed by glue molding to get complete sealed, realizing 200 meter professional waterproof effect. With a transparent and exquisite appearance, it has stronger light transmission and view ability in 360 degrees. Rotary head switch of various working modes and compact light size respectively brings easy operation and convenient carry. Available in various colors, GLO-TOOB™ allows you to be seen at a distance or provides you with ample light in a confined area. And GLO-TOOB™ Marker Lights can be used widely for deep-diving, caving, industry, military, police, etc.

  • Features:
    * 200-meter waterproof, available for deep diving; 
    * Powered by 1* AAA battery, 27-hour max runtime;
    * 3 modes: high, low and strobe  
    * 360°viewing angle, all-rounded signal alert prov

In 2011, our product development team patented a new Smart Torch Technology (STT). With STT, you can personalize unlimited modes for any application. STT enables you to program any number of modes, including brightness level, strobe frequency, SOS and many more. Simply use the free NEXTUNER application included to personalize your flashlight. Go beyond the basic or pre-set modes with myTorch programmability to accomplish your daily applications quickly and reliably! Made for tactical use, law enforcement, and outdoor activities.

  • E51
    • 1000 lumens,CREE® XP-L V6 LED 
    • Hidden Micro USB direct charging
    • Small, Straight, Compact and Portable

S short for SMART.With its compact, sleek and fashionable design, the S series is considered to be the most attractive flashlight for every-day-use. Durable materials and fine craftsmanship create perfect combination of beauty and wisdom. Whether you are a fashion lover endorsing trendy and quality designs, or a nature lover who enjoys outdoor activity, S series is a must to your collection.

  • •60 Lumens NICHIA LED
    •Low battery LED indicator
    •Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • •18 Lumens NICHIA LED
    •Press button
    •Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • • Lightweight and durable nylon fibre shell
    • Superior flame-proof and anti-corrosion
    • Color rendering and strong penetrating
  • K00
    • 18 Lumens NICHIA LED
    • Easy to operate SLIDE SWITCH
    • Powered by one AAA battery
  • K1
    • Maybe the smallest AAA flashlight
    • With S-Biner® for every-day-carry
    • Rotatable stainless steel head
  • K10
    • 65 Lumens CREE® XP-G2 R5 LED
    • Easy to operate SLIDE SWITCH
    • Powered by one AAA battery
  • K2
    • 65 Lumens CREE® Q5 LED
    • 5-mode High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS
    • Powered by one AA battery
  • K20
    • 130 Lumens CREE® XP-G2 R5 LED
    • Easy to operate SLIDE SWITCH
    • Powered by one AA battery
  • K3
    • 180 Lumens CREE® R5 LED
    • Advanced reflector for perfectly balanced ultra-bright beam
    • Powered by 2 AAA batteries

The world's first rectangular spot optical lens bike light. It provides a unique rectangular spot, delivering a 160 degree wide beam and whole-road lighting for greater visibility to guarantee rider's comfort and safety. The anti-glare design allows distinguishing the areas to be lit and those to be left dark, illuminating the road without disturbing pedestrians