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Nextorch TA10 review: max. 560 lumen, XP-L V5 led,Update:2015-09-19

Nextorch TA10 review: max. 560 lumen, XP-L V5 led, universal battery compatibility



Reviewed by kj75

Recently I received my first Nextorch light because I was chosen to review the TA10. Interesting at this light is that it runs on a lot of power sources. So this should be an interesting EDC-light… Let’s have a look at this unique flashlight and compare it to some competitors..

TA10, multicell award-winning light  

with XP-L V5 led 

So let’s start, as usual, with the manufacturer specs: 


- TA10 is an battery universal compatibility EDC flashlight. 

- It can use 1* AA/CR123A/14500/16340 etc. batteries. 

- It has the newest CREE® XP-L V5 LED, which provide up to 560 lumens;

- Single-handed use design, with a steel clip, easy to hold; 

- Patented “DUO SWITCH” on and off switch, which in one switch enables the “tactical on” and switching between high and low modes. 

- The structure of the solid state body, conducts the electrical power better, and disperses heat better, and is sturdy and rugged. 

- The design includes a hardened steel tactical quality head that protects the inside light emitter organization. 

- The TA10 is a personal EDC, the definite choice for a safety guard, and also usable as a backup flashlight, useful preparation for patrols, outdoors search and rescue, and other such activities.

And the dimensions and the output specs:、

The TA10 comes in a clean, neat box in white color and nice prints. Nextorch has taken care about this box and gave it some nice details: I never saw a box that has a metal suspension hook. In the box we see beside the TA10 also an envelope that contents a leaflet and a registration badge. Unfortunately is holster is missing. But overall, a good looking high quality cardbox. Some pictures below will show you more details.

a clean, neat box in white

inside the TA10, manual, registration card, spare o-rings, lanyard, leaflet and clip

The TA10 feels like a high-quality light. A thicker, little heavy feeling body and tube, well finished and anodized, engraving well done. The TA10 is easy to handle with, but hasn’t that much grip for a tactical light because of its smooth texture. The XP-L V5 led is perfectly centered and all parts fit well to each other. The polarity marks are engraved on the tube. Stable standing is possible on the u-shaped tail, but less with the lanyard added on. Manufacturers should solve this by drilling two lanyard holes next each other. The very sturdy clip can be placed in two ways, but without a tool it can’t be removed. Good job here, this clip really prevents against loss. Inside the light it looks ok again: Well machined and sufficient lubed threads, and a sturdy, gold plated spring in the tailcap. Looking into the tube we find some special: A wide contact point on a long and very strong spring. This will ensure that all kinds of supported cells will fit without rattling. At first look, it looks a bit dubious, but it works fine, no problem at all, not matter what kind of battery will be inserted. Overall we can say this is a high quality and good finished light. Please scroll down for more impressions, told by pictures.

TA10, in matte black color with silver bezel

light has balanced proportions 

steady standing

also on the u-shaped tail

compact, easy to carry

can easy be held in your hand

must be controlled by your thumb

ready for outdoor tasks


engraving well done

the u-shaped tailcap

a closer look at the clicky 

a close-up to the XP-L V5 led

easy to hang up the package

nice detail: the warranty and the registration card come by mail 

stable standing

the duo switch has different options

in total 6 output modes

with the lanyard added on  

sturdy, gold plated tailcap spring 

a big contact point in the tube to ensure the light will work with different batteries

sturdy, long clip. Loss almost impossible 

so many power options 

User interface: 

One button for all here, so you can control all modes by using your thumb. There are two ways to use the button: half/soft press and full press. A half press from off will activate momentary. Because the TA10 doesn’t memorize its lasts used mode, you will only have momentary at highest mode. Quick half press twice (only from off) will activate Strobe. A full press will give constant on. After that tap/half press to cycle through the different modes. Half-press and hold (with the light on) to enter SOS-mode. This interface works without problems, but it is not my favorite: The TA10 always starts on high, momentary at lower modes isn’t possible and Strobe should be enabled easier. So this makes the TA10 a good and compact light for searching and law enforcement, but less for allday-use.

The TA10 has totally 6 modes: Using a full press you will enter constant on (and off), always starting at HIGH. After that, by using a half press / tap you can cycle through MEDIUM and LOW. MOMENTARY can be activated from off using a half press. Quick double press from off to activate STROBE. With the TA10 on, half-press and hold (for 2 seconds) to enter SOS-mode. It’s a pity that the TA10 hasn’t a good low mode, 30 lumens is too much for reading etc. Also, with a lower mode runtime could be much better. Except that, the other modes are well spaced. 

Size comparison:

A comparison here to some other lights, powered by the same led, the Fenix PD22UE and the Klarus RS16. Difference is that those light don’t support (A)AA- and 14500 cells.

16340-cell, AA-battery, Fenix PD22UE, Klarus RS16 and Nextorch TA10

Fenix PD22UE, Klarus RS16 and Nextorch TA10

Fenix PD22UE, Klarus RS16 and Nextorch TA10

a zoom-in to the heads

and the tails 


The TA10 has a good coolwhite tint, luckily not bluish or purple. I’ve compared the light again to my other XP-L V5-lights.

Beam profile: 

For its size the light has a rather big reflector. It’s a smooth one, so a “throwy” light. Suited for outdoor , not suited for (bed) reading . Really would like a better low mode. For the rest, a nice profile without spots or rings. Visible PWM at any mode by watching the profile through a camera lens.

The light projected on a white wall. Distance to the wall about 0,75 meter.

Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/125 sec, 35mm

animation picture

Going outside now…..At first, the three output modes. After that, an animated picture. Also shown here: the difference in output between a fresh AA-battery and a higher voltage 14500-cell. Finally a comparison against the Klarus RS16, and a shootout agains the Fenix PD22UE.

Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 4.0 sec, 35mm


a comparison of the maximum output driven by AA-cell and 14500 cell


he TA10 compared to the Klarus RS16 

a shootout against the Fenix PD22UE


Strong points of the TA10 are the good built quality and the support of so much different cells. You will never run out of power! This makes this light a good choice for EDC-ing. For only some bucks you can feed and use this light for weeks. But I can recommend a 14500 if you want more power: There a big difference in output between an AA and a 14500 battery. The TA10 is a real “outdoor-light”: Because of the lack of a real low and the fact the light and the momentary always start in highest mode, this is, in my opinion, a good and compact searchlight. 

Nextorch TA10 provided for review

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